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American BandstandHistory| Dancers| B-T-S


History| Dancers| B-T-S

Long before MTV or VH1 hit the air, one show acted as the driving force for the popularization of trends in music, fashion and dance – American Bandstand. In this episode of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, we remember this iconic program by first exploring its history. Suzanne gains even more insight into the Bandstand phenomenon when she sits down with several of the individuals who were lucky enough to be regularly featured dancers on the show. Then, with the help of Lew Klein, former executive producer of American Bandstand, Suzanne finds out how the makers of the show were able to keep it fresh and fun throughout its 37 years on the air.  Finally, Suzanne documents some of the big-time celebrities who made their professional debut on Bandstand as well as some of the trends made mainstream via the show’s immense cultural influence.