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Penn Integrated Care – Dr. Cecilia Livesey

Roughly one fifth of the population experiences a mental illness in their lifetime, yet 60% of Americans with a mental illness never receive treatment. There continues to be a lack of access, awareness, and knowledge, as well as a great deal of stigma around mental health. This is especially true in the aging population, many of whom are living on fixed incomes, and struggling with issues like loss of spouse or health problems that can lead to anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, much of the aging population facing these challenges feel like there are no resources available, or that there is shame around addressing mental health.


But what if they could look at treating mental health struggles like other medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure? At the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, primary care doctors are teaming up with the Department of Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine in what they are calling “Integrated Care.” When patients visit with their primary care providers at Penn, they are either screened for mental health issues or self-report any negative feelings they are experiencing. Then, their primary care provider can refer them to other services at Penn to address mental health issues, like psychiatrists or clinical social workers. When patients are being connected to valuable resources by a doctor they know and trust, the stigma is removed and they are more likely to follow-up with a mental health professional. The doctors working on Integrated Care have noticed a higher success rate in older patients, because they have the space and opportunity to talk to their primary care doctors about the issues they face.


With Integrated Care, there is an opportunity to create a proactive, personalized, and data driven approach to mental illness without losing the humanity, intimacy, and compassion of patients. Penn Integrated Care is currently embedded in eight Philadelphia primary care practices. In the first year of the program, Penn projected they would serve 500 patients. Instead, they served 5,000 patients in the first eight months, which proves there is a high demand for this type of care. Integrated Care also creates a bridge between physical and mental health, so primary care doctors can work with other providers such as obstetricians, cardiologists, and surgeons who are also treating these patients. Penn is working to expand the program into all of their clinics, and the success with this program over the past few years has made them the leading experts in this area. Penn is also using the data they collect to proactively identify high risk groups, such as patients with uncontrolled diabetes and depression. The next step is to share what they’re learning with other hospitals, who are currently following their lead and trying to implement Integrated Care into their practices. Doctors at Penn have also created software that doctors in other healthcare systems can be trained to use in their own practices.

Daily Senior Exercise - Dr. Mary Ann Kuzma and Todd Altland

Suzanne reveals one of the secrets to her 98 years of life: daily exercise. First, she discusses the benefits of exercise with Dr. Mary Ann Kuzma. A professor at Drexel University with a specialty in geriatric medicine as well as primary care and internal medicine, Dr. Kuzma describes how important daily exercise is and how it can be safe at any age. Dr. Kuzma emphasizes that everyone should start slowly and work at their own pace. For those that think “I’m too old to start now”, she explains how studies have shown that exercise, even in one’s eighties or nineties, can help with a slew of conditions and diseases including: heart disease, diabetes, and even osteoporosis. With a solid goal of 150 minutes a week, seniors should aim for 20-25 minutes a day of exercise to remain in good health.


Then, Suzanne takes us through her daily routine with superstar trainer Todd Altland. Todd has been Suzanne’s personal trainer for the last 26 years. Todd has 30 plus years of experience and specializes in cardiac rehab, traumatic brain injury, pre and post-surgical rehab, special needs populations and sports performance. Together Todd and Suzanne have developed a personalized training regimen that keeps Suzanne living life to the fullest.


Suzanne’s routine includes ten exercises, many of which she does lying down. Todd discusses why exercises performed lying down are beneficial for seniors. Lying down allows clients who may struggle standing to get a higher quality of workout without the dangers of falling and exhaustion that may accompany standing routines. He developed Suzanne’s regimen over the years with a focus on making her exercises functional. Todd concentrates Suzanne’s routine on flexibility and range-of-motion to combat joint pain common in seniors. Todd’s number one advice is to find a trainer with lots of experience and that can adjust workouts based on each client’s needs, including how medications can affect what they can do. A total body workout and daily routine including cardiovascular work will allow you to live a flourishing life just like Suzanne.


Ambernoon – Fashionable Skin Protection from Dr. Erum Ilyas

Dr. Erum Ilyas is a board-certified dermatologist has been treating skin — everything from cancers and acne to rashes — for over a decade in King of Prussia. When she noticed a rise in skin cancer diagnoses in her practice and a lack of attractive sun-protectant clothing, she decided to address the problem herself. Combining her love of fashion, design and dermatology, Dr. Ilyas launched her own womenswear brand AmberNoon to help patients in 2017. Not only is her clothing line stylish and professional (a number of the pieces can be worn to work or on-the-go), but the pieces are also intentionally designed to be sun smart and skin healthy.


The name is a blend of “afternoon” – when the sun is at its strongest – and “Amber,” after Dr. Ilyas’s daughter. An average t-shirt has a sun protection factor, or SPF, of about 3, which means that even the parts of the skin that are covered are susceptible to skin damage. Lots of sun protectant clothing is either unattractive, or covered in protective chemicals similar to sunblock that is applied to the skin, which wears off over time and between washes. The pieces in the AmberNoon collection are designed to have and SPF of 50+, which means you can stay in the sun for up to 50 times longer than you would be able to without getting a skin burn. And, because of the unique, durable textiles the clothes are made with, they do not lose any SPF between washes.


Dr. Ilyas does all of the design herself, including the patterns. Sleeves with thumb tabs to protect hands, roll tab sleeves to adapt to the indoors, and half zips that can cover the delicate décolletage area are key features of some of the pieces in the line. She’s also expanding into sunglasses and swimwear, and is launching menswear and children’s lines hopefully by the end of 2019. All of the clothing is made in California with a textile manufacturer she’s partnered with. It was important to her to work with someone in the US so she could maintain the quality, and as a mom of three and a practice of over 30,000 patients, she couldn’t maintain working with someone overseas. AmberNoon clothing can be purchased in her KOP offices, online at, and Dr. Ilyas is opening up her own store in Wayne, PA.



Suzanne ends todays program with more of her daily exercise routine. These exercises were completed under the supervision of Todd Altland, a professional with over 30 years of experience. All viewers should use caution when exercising and look for medical guidance before beginning an exercise routine.

More Todd Altland and Suzanne’s Exercise Routine

Suzanne ends todays program with more of her daily exercise routine. These exercises were completed under the supervision of Todd Altland, a professional with over 30 years of experience. All viewers should use caution when exercising and look for medical guidance before beginning an exercise routine.


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