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It’s called Watsu and according to message therapist Julie Angel, is the ultimate remedy for your body! A combination of water and shiatsu, Watsu is becoming the next big thing.
Watsu originated in California at Harbin Hot Springs, one of the nations top ten places to receive a massage. Here they combined stretches commonly found in Zen shiatsu - a massage treatment for energy meridians in the body – and their natural hot springs. Watsu was born. Therapists quickly discovered that the body would enter the ultimate state of relaxation when incorporating the water with the massage. It was weightlessness factor,
At Julie Angels’ practice, clients are taken into a pool for Watsu treatment (not every place can have a natural spring!). Their head is supported by Angels’ arm just above the waterline, and uses her free arm to direct your body in movements throughout the water.
There are a range of sensations from the warmth of the water and the buoyancy and the contact with Angel.
Julie recommends the water temperature match the body temperature, because “it helps to defy the boundaries that you feel between us and the water.” “We forget that we are fluid creatures and we're capable of all kinds of fluid movement, says Julie.”

There are also applications of Watsu that have been adapted for rehabilitation and persons with disabilities such as arthritis or even children with autism. But one thing is for sure, Watsu is a very relaxing new form of massage, and it’s here to stay.

Helpful Hints

  • Watsu combines Shiatsu massage and water
  • It was created in Harbin Hot Springs, California
  • The water temperature matches your body temperature

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